Many young school graduates desire integrate the creative business and notably the professions related to the creation of spaces, objects and visual communications …
To enter the schools and universities of architecture, interior design, product design, graphic design and scenography… it is essential to be well prepared to calmly confront the entry examinations. The Foundation Year at the Ecole Bleue is specialised in the preparation for these particular studies. The discovery and learning of the fundamentals, the analysis of the different specialities and their teaching, the personal reflection and creative development facilitate the realisation of a complete and varied artistic portfolio .

This portfolio, and the cultural reflection which accompanies it, enables our students to enter the schools of their choice. That the students desire is to follow a graduate program at the Ecole Bleue or at another school, the teaching team is invested, attentive, caring and motivating. At the Ecole Bleue, learning requires a considerable investment in the work, an application without fail; the only way that the teaching support can be successful and personalised


A year to acquire the certainty that you are on the right track, that of the world of interior design, 3D design and graphic design. All teaching is dedicated to artistic skills and techniques

  • Discovery of the artistic languages
  • Initiation of space, volume and graphics
  • Realisation of a personal and targeted artistic portfolio
  • Development of an analytical and cultural reflexion
  • Exercises, tests, mock examinations and personal analysis of the results.
  • Recommendations for orientation

During the Foundation Year, the intensive learning follows a cycle of 3 parts, an innovative pedagogical disposition which provides the liberty to each student to develop their artistic portfolio and to build a unique creative project

  • Cycle 1: Discovery of the tools and methods (September - November)
  • Cycle 2: Orientation and production of the artistic portfolio (November - February)
  • Cycle 3: Finalisation of the portfolio and intensive preparation for the entry competitions (February - June)


  • Space and volume initiation (interior design and 3D design)
  • Life drawing
  • Observation drawing
  • Human Sciences
  • Colour / materials
  • Graphic Design initiation
  • Supervised development of a personal project


Entry procedure: By appointment from the end of the month of November, an interview with a member of the school direction or a pedagogy director. For international students an interview by Skype is possible. The candidat should speak about their experiences to date, their personality but also their personal project and possibly present some creative projects that could reinforce their candidature.

The Ecole Bleue gives, and has always given, a chance too all students who wish to learn the fundamentals of creativity. You do not need to have drawing skills to be a candidate. To integrate the school, you should have the equivalent of the Baccalaureate level and be 17 years old minimum.

To organise a rendez-vous:

Tél : 01 45 89 31 32
Mail :


Tuition fees Foundation Year: : 6900 euros
Inscription fees : : 400 euros



If you would like to apply for the Foundation course, in anticipation of the public and private schools admission competitions, for the first year or by equivalence, please complete this application form to be contacted by the school.



The Ecole Bleue will be presenting its Foundation Class (atelier préparatoire) as well as its Global Design program and Cultural, Events & Scenography program at numerous salons and fairs. Don’t miss these events, make a note of the dates:

    Saturday 1 décember from 10.00h to 18.00h
    Sunday 2 décember from 10.00h to 18.00h

    Saturday 12 January from 10.00h to 18.00h
    Sunday 13 January from 10.00h to 18.00h

  • Open Days at the Ecole Bleue.
    Friday 29 to Sunday 31 March.