School spirit

For many of us, becoming an interior designer, product designer or graphic designer is a dream synonymous with creativity, freedom and passion. But before embarking on this kind of adventure students need to realize that these professions are complex, rigorous and time-consuming .

L’école bleue stands behind its reputation as a school that is serious, efficient, prospective, pragmatic, creative and realistic.
Training for these professional paths is done with enthusiasm and in a multidisciplinary spirit. This mean staking a global and detailed approach to conceiving living spaces—residential, cultural, commercial, social and leisure-oriented to name a few. We attain this academic goal through a rigorous program that entails classes, exercises, experiments and thought processes that are constructed to be precise, progressive and geared to forming true professionals.
Our academic convictions are simple :

  • To establish rigorous yet balanced weekly schedules,
  • Demand a significant workload,
  • Provoke enthusiasm,
  • Encourage and reward the process as much as the result,
  • Motivate for a passionate approach,
  • Banish idleness!

It is our school’s duty to demand, organize, explain, listen, improve, fine-tune and when needed, to reassure.

This can be possible thanks tothe support of an impassioned and passionate faculty, one that is firm and indulgent, invested, active, generous and rigorous. We believe in leading by example, with a clear sense of authority and with goodwill. We believe in sincere encouragement, but not in naïve optimism, as not every student will succeed. The key to our academic approach is first and foremost a professor who believes in his craft.

And that’s the direction we’ve been taking for the last 20 years.

Jean-Marie Lemesle



we discover and
we learn.
We conceptualize,
create and succeed ,
And every once in a while we may fail,
but we’re still making progress ...


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